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Corporate taxations can cover several types of taxes such as indirect taxes, income taxes, wealth advice, individual taxation… For this reason, taxation can quickly get complex and technical. Small mistake can bring troubles with competent authorities and jeopardize the viability of a business. Thus, it is essential for your businesses or companies, regardless of the size, to rely on a solid and operational tax expertise. 

Meticulous tax planning can be effectively managed by our team of tax specialists. RBA’s Accredited Tax Practitioners are professionally trained and recognised in Asia and Europe to provide our clients with a full range of taxation advisory services, such as: 

Domestic and International Corporate Taxation

Indirect Taxes

Management Packages

Intellectual Property Tax

Individual taxation

Wealth Tax and Asset Transfers

Expatriate Tax Services

International Investment Taxation


Tax changes are certain, so how would you make the best out of these changing laws?

The key is to stay informed, but it is uncommon for a taxpayer to have the time to monitor and the knowledge to comprehend changing tax policies and regulations. Our specialists equipped with the expertise, will ensure that our clients make the most out of tax policies and do away with common tax-filing mistakes or overlooking of certain exemptions that can impede opportunities.

Our specialists are able to answer specific questions and will provide assistance on a daily basis by providing you with technical solutions and support. We assist you in all stages of the life of your company in matters of professional taxation, but also at the legal level. Do not hesitate to let us know your needs and contact us now. Our accountants will be pleased to work with you. 

We understand that tax preparation and tax planning can be daunting. Our professionals can help make tax projections and further evaluate optimum strategies to reduce your taxes. But even more important is that such planning is done in the best interest of you and your businesses’ overall financial well-being.

Looking to hire expatriates or to relocate? You can leverage on the expertise of our team of tax specialists to advise and assist in the tax implications of relocation. RBA understands that each individual and entity is unique, and we take the time to understand and simplify the process of expatriation or repatriation.


Other Services


Business oriented, Client focused.

Our multilingual experts provide our clients’ the best corporate advice and ideas to help their businesses or companies develop faster. We also provide taxation advice.


Business oriented, Client focused.

Leave the complexity of the financial aspects to our accounting specialists. You can also check out our visa matter advisory.


Local knowledge, Global reach.

We are committed to assist and help you with tax preparation and tax planning. We also provide accounting services.


Local knowledge, Global reach.

Our professionals provide our clients with a full range of consulting services because we understand their requirements. Learn more about business advisory services.