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The legal aspects of employment differ for each region and country. Leave the complexities of the legal aspects in human resource and administrative areas to us. Our comprehensive consulting services include the areas of:

Employment Regulations

Work Injury Compensation

Employment of Foreign Manpower

Social Contributions

Employer’s Tax Obligations

Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme

The employer-employee relationship is more than just a binding on paper, it is a relationship of mutual reliance. This development of dependency comes with legal obligations. A clearly drafted employment agreement can set out the expectations of a company to minimize future disputes.

The employment contract describes the nature and characteristics of the employment relationship, and in the event of a dispute between the parties, it will serve as evidence to support either party. The employment contract constitutes proof of the employment of an employee by an employer. It is therefore essential to sign one as long as some work is done for your company. Our qualified experts guarantee you high-quality services and are available to bring you some assistance when required. You can also check out our taxation advice.



In today’s global market, we see large communities of expatriates. In order to legally begin employment in a foreign country, one has to obtain a valid work pass or residency. Evolving advantages of a permanent residency is seeing more individuals move across the globe. Such a move can also be a powerful tool for international tax planning and a key to conducting business development strategies.

To work in another country, in addition to a residence permit, any foreign employee will need a visa that allows to work in the country, which tourist visas do not allow. Based on a country’s laws, an individual might benefit from extensive rights for international mobility or immigration depending on the visa type. In case you would be interested to work in a particular country, you might request our help to support you in the procedures to obtain the suited visa for your needs. Feel free to contact our team for more information.

Rely on our qualified consultants who have been specialising in the advisory and handling of immigration queries and applications for Citizenship Scheme and Residency Solutions. We understand that the application of a visa or employment pass can be a confusing and tedious process. Our specialists of extensive experience guarantee to provide the highest support in fulfilling eligibility criteria and various requirements.

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Business oriented, Client focused.

Our multilingual experts provide our clients’ the best corporate advice and ideas to help their businesses or companies develop faster. We also provide taxation advice.


Business oriented, Client focused.

Leave the complexity of the financial aspects to our accounting specialists. You can also check out our visa matter advisory.


Local knowledge, Global reach.

We are committed to assist and help you with tax preparation and tax planning. We also provide accounting services.


Local knowledge, Global reach.

Our professionals provide our clients with a full range of consulting services because we understand their requirements. Learn more about business advisory services.