RBA (Rosemont Business Asia) provides High quality and professional business advice for a better decision

Business oriented, Client focused

Success, profitability and growth are the usual goals that entrepreneurs set for themselves when starting their business. Still, reaching your targets will not be easy and will come over time and effort. However, there are steps you can take to lead your businesses or companies to success. 

Do you need advice on how to refine your business plan, how to draw a marketing plan or prepare some financial planning? You can trust our team who will be happy to provide you the best advice and support you throughout your project. They will work with you to understand your needs and tailor some options and solutions to reach your objectives with both creativity and efficiency.  

We provide advice on current and future business prospects for growth in our client’s businesses or companies. We help to execute their business ideas, be it in the formation of a sole proprietorship or an incorporation of a company.

We have deep knowledge and extensive industry experience to provide our clients with services beyond the incorporation of a company. Our expertise ensures that the factoring of possible legal and financial risks involved in starting up your business is being considered.


RBA gives you some tips and advices to develop your businesses or companies. We work with you to establish a view of your business context and your roadmap, then we help you implement it in order to bring you some positive results. We can help you develop your business strategy and affirm your positioning as well.  

Our business advisory services benefit from the accumulated experiences of our experts who worked in different domains and helped their clients from several environments. We would like to better understand your activity and strategy to assign you the most suitable person to achieve some significant results. 

Our incorporation specialists will provide the insights to the different types of entities, local or offshore, best suited to our client’s needs. Also, if our clients require obtaining business licenses for operation, we are obligated to ensure your company’s compliance with the relevant agencies.

We understand that maintaining a company is no easy feat. With ever-changing legislations in the various jurisdictions, RBA offers a full range of services to help with future challenges in business. Our team of experts will help to sustain and promote good governance, particularly with regards to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

Other Services


Business oriented, Client focused. 

Our multilingual experts provide our clients’ the best corporate advice and ideas to help their businesses or companies develop faster. We also provide taxation advice.



Business oriented, Client focused. 

Leave the complexity of the financial aspects to our accounting specialists. You can also check out our visa matter advisory.


Local knowledge, Global reach. 

We are committed to assist and help you with tax preparation and tax planning. We also provide accounting services


Local knowledge, Global reach. 

Our professionals provide our clients’ with a full range of consulting services because we understand their requirements. Learn more about business advisory services